Hill Climb Racing 2 Wiki

Cups are small sets of 1 to 4 races on separate tracks within a fixed location. At the end of each race, you are awarded points based on your finishing position.

NOTE: The race times shown in-game are simplified for visual purposes. The actual calculation uses more digits than what is shown. If you appear to have the exact same time as someone above or below you in your final position, but are not tied, then this is why.

  • 1st place: 3 points
  • 2nd place: 2 points
  • 3rd place: 1 point
  • 4th place: 0 points

These points are tallied at the end of the cup, and the person with the most points is declared the winner. You also receive a bonus amount of coins (typically +350) for a victory.

When you die in one of the tracks, the game will instead count your distance compared to other participants and give you a score based on that. So always try to drive as far as possible. Players, that died on a track can be distinguished by their black flag with a skull on it.

Racing the Cups[]

You race a cup by tapping the "Race" button in the "Cups"-Tab, season section. The currently displayed cup will be the one you are scheduled to race. The different cups are unlocked upon reaching different player ranks. For example; If you are Bronze III you will not yet be able to race in the cups that require Gold II ranking. To unlock additional cups, you will need to race the cups available to you until you have gained enough experience to rank up to the appropriate level.

You may also freely race any cup (or track within a cup) that you have unlocked in time trial mode. Simply scroll down on the "Cups", cups section menu until you come to the time trial section, and choose your favourite track to set a blazing fast time on! Please note that racing cups in time trial will not count towards increasing your player rank. The only way to do that is to race the scheduled, ranked cups.

List of all Cups[]

Note: All lengths for the tracks were measured with the Racing Truck, as a reference.

Rank Cups In current Season Tracks Length (max)
Unlocked at Bronze I Hill Climb Cup Bottom Gear Cup 395m
No Skidding 377m
Big Air Cup Landing Drive 320m
Season Road 320m
Big Air 320m
Dark Roads Hills Ahead 300m
Visions of Victory 320m
Hollow Road 340m
Unlocked at Bronze II Downhill Trials Trial of fall 250m
Trial of Courage 230m
Trial of Balance 198m
Cup in the Woods x Forbidden Forest 210m
Captain's Log 210m
The Pond 270m
First Snow x Let it Snow 400m
Slippery Slope 420m
Crossroads 450m
Unlocked at Bronze III Challenger Cup x Barn Ride 368m
Base Jump 330m
Silo Showdown 393m
Desert Cup Sunburnt 410m
Tumbleweeds 350m
Road to Heck 390m
Beach Cup The Dunes 350m
Beach Boys 380m
Seaside 320m
Unlocked at Silver I Countryside Cup Showgrounds 380m
Four-Wheel Park 380m
Circuit 9 345m
Unlocked at Silver II Sunday Champ Bridges and Stones 345m
The Dip 362m
Killing Floors 331m
Shaft Redemption 450m
Unlocked at Silver III Winter Cup x Yellow Snow 385m
Sledhammer 315m
Icicle Race 275m
Spring City Rubberist 600m
Heat Club 650m
Whipclash 520m
Fury Road 550m
Unlocked at Gold I Dirty Rally x FingerWoods 370m
The Quarry 360m
Lost in Transmission 343m
Flipway 400m
I Hate Water Deeper End 530m
The Trench 500m
Reed Grief 600m
Unlocked at Gold II Forest Cup x Logs and Rocks 370m
Rock Pit 380m
Flying Log 350m
Deep Driving x Backwash Dash 500m
Coral Quareel 490m
Thalassophobia 520m
Unlocked at Gold II Green Cup Bill's Landing 430m
Spartan Racing 430m
Ballmer's Peak 373m
Miner’s Mile x Long Road Down 999m
Interstate Cup Skid Happens 563m
No Step on Snek 440m
Bat Country 535m
Unlocked at Gold III Capital Cup x Drive Through 400m
Danger Zone 345m
A Bridge Too Far 485m
Unlocked at Platinum I Uphill Cup Cliffside Way 350m
Tricky Drive 290m
Mine Shaft Cup Nose Miner 320m
Happy Miner 320m
A Flat Miner 360m
Alligator Cup x Parking Trailers 300m
Snappy Swamps 385m
Bumps in the Water 295m
Boggy Road x Muddy Road 370m
Cottage Road 370m
Lonely Camper 360m
Rocky Road Cup x Dirt Road 400m
Danger Ahead 377m
Highs and Lows 315m
Mountain Bridges x Living on the Edge 280m
Over the Cliff 238m
Steep Downhill Cliff 210m
Hub Cap Cup x Rust Valley 370m
Cactus Valley 440m
Dust Valley 380m
Cup of City Water x Get Soaked 400m
Watery Tunnel 280m
Don't Dive 310m
Travel Cup Nowhere Road 340m
Coconut Cove 410m
Downtown Madness 340m
Finger Travels x Tide Waves 335m
Kid's pool 370m
Sandbox 350m
Unlocked at Platinum II Sand in Swimsuit Sand in Swimsuit 360m
Tunnel Dive 370m
The Big Dunes 340m
Bumpy Ride Cup x Bumpy Ride 200m
Rough Road 200m
Crazy Climb 320m
Backwater Cup Swamp Ride 290m
Happy Campers 250m
Grill Bill 250m
It's Mine! Boarding 310m
Carting 335m
Overtakers 310m
Unlocked at Platinum III Epic Hills Front Window 450m
Better Road 450m
Metar Gear 343m
Desert Mile x Far Far Away 1,000m
Finger GP Breaking Bad 500m
Hairpin 500m
Smooth Curves 420m
Unlocked at Diamond I Winter is Coming x Snow Castle 1,000m
Downhill Cup x The Ruins 400m
Tumbling Down 420m
Down the Tube 380m
Bill's Circuit x Hot Tarmac 420m
The Carousel 420m
Fast Lane 530m
Stormrider Cup x Tailwind Trail 410m
Headwind Shortcut 410m
Like a Hawk 493m
Unlocked at Diamond II Deep Diving x Deepest End 1001m
Paradise Bay x Paradise Bay 999m
Death Mountain x Base Camp 220m
Under the Cliff 220m
Top of the world 270m
More Mines Rock and Roll 340m
Wheeler 340m
Deep End 340m
Unlocked at Diamond III Tunnels x Tunnel Vision 400m
The Esses 360m
On the Rock 400m
Glacier Cup x Boiling Hollow 520m
Bone Gorge 500m
Total 48 Cups 27 Season-exclusive Cups 134 Tracks 53,078m

Season Exclusive Cups[]

These are the cups that are unlocked on reaching Legendary and thereby unlocking Seasons. Season exclusive Cups are the extra Cups that one gets to play alongside the Time Trials picked for the season. These cups may be hidden in the game after the season ends. You can see which cups are in current season in the table above.

Daily Wins[]

Chest daily center.png

Every day you will be given "Missions", opportunity to unlock a red chest inside the "Cups", season section menu. This is unlocked after you have placed first on 10 separate Tracks. If you don't fill the the red chest 10/10 in given time, you can continue the next day because the amount of chests that you can unlock can stack up to 2. The red chest currently has unknown probabilities.