Hill Climb Racing 2 Wiki

Achievements are awards that you receive for reaching particular milestones. On the achievements you can see a percent display, with which you can calculate how much you already did for this achievement and how much you still have to do to reach it.

To see your achievements, tap on the driver's license icon (Player icon.png) on the top-left-corner, then tap on the "Achievements" button under your avatar.

Note: In the Table/List below you can see all Achievements.

# Icon Achievement Requirement
01 Achievement wc.png Made the Grade Qualify for racing
02 Achievement racewin.png Warmed up! Win 10 races
03 Unstoppable! Win 100 races
04 Losing is for losers Win 1,000 races
05 Racing god Win 10,000 races
06 Achievement cupwin.png Nice cups! Win 5 cups
07 How many cups is enough? Win 50 cups
08 I need a new cup cabinet Win 500 cups
09 All your cups are belong to me! Win 5,000 cups
10 Achievement challenger.png Challenger Send a challenge
11 Challenge accepted Win a challenge
12 Bring it on! Win 20 challenges
13 Challenge champ Win 100 challenges
14 Achievement distance1.png Water run Drive 10,000 meters
15 Achievement distance2.png Milk Run Drive 100,000 meters
16 Achievement distance3.png Can’t run that far, so I drive Drive 1,000,000 meters
17 Achievement bronze1.png Just getting started Qualify for Bronze I
18 Achievement bronze2.png Can’t go wrong with more bronze Qualify for Bronze II
19 Achievement bronze3.png Price of bronze is up, sell sell! Qualify for Bronze III
20 Achievement silver1.png Shiny! Qualify for Silver I
21 Achievement silver2.png Making it look easy Qualify for Silver II
22 Achievement silver3.png Silvertongue Qualify for Silver III
23 Achievement gold1.png Time to get a golden tooth Qualify for Gold I
24 Achievement gold2.png Or maybe a golden car? Qualify for Gold II
25 Achievement gold3.png A castle made of gold! Qualify for Gold III
26 Achievement platinum1.png I expect great things here Qualify for Platinum I
27 Achievement platinum2.png Platinum times 2 equals progress Qualify for Platinum II
28 Achievement platinum3.png My platinum is better than yours Qualify for Platinum III
29 Achievement diamond1.png Things are looking up! Qualify for Diamond I
30 Achievement diamond2.png Where can i cash in all these diamonds? Qualify for Diamond II
31 Achievement diamond3.png Diamond shows i care Qualify for Diamond III
32 Achievement legendary.png I am legend Qualify for Legendary
33 Achievement flip.png Earning them fliplegs Make 10 flips
34 Should post a video of these flips Make 50 flips
35 I’m going to throw up Make 100 flips
36 Achievement backflip.png They call me the rotator Make 10 backflips
37 I’m a backwardsman, a backwards man Make 50 backflips
38 I go back as fast as i can Make 100 backflips
39 Achievement neckflip.png That hurt! Make 5 neckflips
40 I don’t think this is healthy Make 10 neckflips
41 I’m immortal Make 50 neckflips
42 Achievement all unlock.png Car connoisseur Purchase all vehicles
43 I need more cups! Unlock all cups
44 Driving where no Bill has gone before Unlock all adventure tracks
45 Achievements upgrade.png Totally pimped out Fully upgrade a vehicle
46 Archievement tuning parts.png Double the fun Equip two tuning parts to a vehicle
47 Archievement tuning parts2.png Release the full potential Equip a tuning part to all slots
48 Achievements part collector.png Parts collector Collect all the tuning parts of a vehicle
49 Archievement tuning beginner.png Tuning 101 Upgrade a part to level 2
50 Achievements tuning novice.png Tuning Expert Upgrade a part to level 5
51 Achievements tuning master.png Tuning Master Upgrade a part to level 10
52 Achievements tuning legend.png Tuning Legend Upgrade a part to level 15