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Moon Event Reward

Moonlander is one of the vehicles available in Hill Climb Racing 2. It is a unique vehicle which is obtainable only during the Moon Events.


The Moonlander is an all-terrain vehicle with a large body and various supports for the wheels. It has built-in thrusters that can be upgraded to match the power of the Tuning part Thrusters. However, it does have the slowest top speed in the game, only going up to 50.86km/h (31.60mph or 14.13m/s) in normal mode, making it less reliable for winning races and even becomes an issue in Adventure. The Acceleration is powerful, and "boost" is default at max, but the speed of the boost can be upgraded. Using Afterburner or Coin Boost can slightly increase the top speed, but unfortunately Wheelie Boost doesn't, even at max level.

The Moonlander features a B.R.A.I.N. module that turns the shape of the vehicle into one of four states, and has an additional fifth state:

  • Blue (Speed form), which lifts the rearmost wheel after driving on a flat surface for a few seconds as fast as possible and increases speed by an estimated 50% once the B.R.A.I.N. is maxed. Will cause wheelies until B.R.A.I.N. is at least level 10.
  • Green (Climb form), which the middle wheel will come lose for all the wheels to stay in the ground and lead to a easier climbing. Can't be used on vertical slopes until B.R.A.I.N. is at least level 6.
  • Yellow (Falling form), which extends the wheels a bit to absorb a hard landing (on a flat surface), which works similar to downforce. You should be careful around hanging logs in Forest, because if you land wrong before one, the Moonlander will tip over and may cause a driver down.
  • Pink (Brake form), which retracts the wheels a bit to brake better. If you don't have your B.R.A.I.N. upgraded to at least level 13 and you press the brake button for more than 2 seconds the Moonlander will become unstable and may cause a driver down.
  • A state of red flashing lights, which serves only as a warning when the vehicle is moving/falling extremely fast and it becomes unstable. This doesn't change the vehicle shape.

The Blue speed form is good for "racing," as it locks in the speed. The green climbing form is good for "adventure," as it can climb super steep hills, or even "walls" in this form. Its cabin is somewhat tall, but keeps the driver safe from impacts and propels the vehicle significantly with its ejection function. The ejection function, however, has a single use. This basically is removing the cabin.

Moonlander has the least parts in HCR2. No Overcharged Turbo, No Heavyweight, No Winter Tires because of its B.R.A.I.N., No Rollcage because of its cabin, No Wings because it has Thrusters, No Fuel Boost, No Fume Boost, NO Jump Shocks, and obviously, No Thrusters TUNING PART because it's already on the vehicle. This means that the vehicle power adds up only to 308.

NOTE: If you press and hold both pedals for 1 second before starting a race, then the Moonlander will change to a permanent speed form. This only works in races and is recommended for flat surfaces, not hilly ones. This feature is also very good for using Moonlander in Wheelie Events since the 2 back wheels shift in a Wheelie position if you are driving on them. IF you have both Thrusters and B.R.A.I.N. at max level, and if you hold both pedals before the count of 2 at the start of a race, then the wheels will unhook. The downside of this mode is that the driver will crash if he/she touches the ground at even a little. However, landing on bubble tubes and Gloomvale logs will not do anything, and landing on the A.I. Chip will not affect the driver, but only from small heights. This is recommended for use in a lunar race i.e. the Moon Time Attack Events.


See Vehicle Paints list for pictures and more information.

The Moonlander has 9 different paints and 4 different wheels that can be obtained (VIP paint and wheels aren't included, but you can get it with VIP subscription). After obtained it from the Moon Event, it has free white-yellow, green-yellow, and white-teal paints and a wheel to start with.