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Moon Event Reward

Moonlander is one of the vehicles available in Hill Climb Racing 2. It is a unique vehicle which is obtainable only during the Moon Events.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Moonlander is an all-terrain vehicle with a large body and various supports for the wheels. It has built-in thrusters that can be upgraded to match the power of the Thrusters. However, it does have the slowest top speed in the game, making less reliable for winning races.

The Moonlander features a B.R.A.I.N. module that turns the shape of the vehicle into one of five states:

  • Blue (Speed form), which lifts the rearmost wheel after driving on a flat surface for a few seconds as fast as possible.
  • Green (Climb form), which relocates the wheels in a way that allows better hill climbing.
  • Yellow (Falling form), which extends the wheels a bit to absorb a hard landing (on a flat surface).
  • Red (Brake form), which retracts the wheels a bit to brake better. Be careful though, the braking is a bit strong.
  • An additional state of red flashing lights, which serves only as a warning when the vehicle is moving/falling extremely fast.

Its cabin is somewhat tall, but keeps the driver safe from impacts and propels the vehicle significantly with its ejection function. The ejection function, however, has a single use.

Note: If you press both pedals before starting a race, then the wheels will unhook. The downside of this mode is that the driver will crash if he touches the ground at even a little. This is recommended for use in a lunar race. To activate the function you will need to fully upgrade The thrusters and B.R.A.I.N.

Customization[edit | edit source]

See Vehicle Paints list for pictures and more information.

The Moonlander has 9 different paints and 4 different wheels that can be obtained (VIP paint and wheels aren't included, but you can get it with VIP subscription). After obtained it from the Moon Event, it has free white-yellow, green-yellow, and white-teal paints and a wheel to start with.