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Silver II

Motocross is one of the vehicles available in the game Hill Climb Racing 2.


The Motocross is an all-terrain bike that not only sorts terrain without many problems, but it also performs stunts like wheelies and flips with ease. The bike is decently fast, going up to 85.00km/h (52.82mph or 23.61m/s), but its stability is quite low and the lack of power from the front wheel means that it struggles going uphill, as it lifts the bike and eventually flips it to the rear, making it not suitable for adventure. Countryside, Mountain, Backwater Bog, and Patchwork Plant are the worst Adventure maps to use Motocross on as they have many hills and/or obstacles. The vehicle can also crash into objects easily as it's unprotected. Using the flip boost and the air control Tuning Parts are ideal for the bike, especially on Trick Time Attack Team Event Tracks. Motocross has weak acceleration, so using Start Boost might help. Due to the weak acceleration, the vehicle struggles to reach high speeds on hills and bumpy surfaces, but parts like Wheelie Boost and Thrusters are useful on Motocross.

Also, because the vehicle has bad balance, using Heavyweight can help with the issue by adding weight to help balance the vehicle on hills, and it can even help break objects better too. Kangaroo is also a good setup to use as it makes the bike really fast.

Motocross is also unprotected, so be careful as the driver sways back and forth on bumps. Rollcage can help mitigate this problem and is also used on wheelie tracks, along with Winter Tires or Wheelie Boost.

Motocross is one of four vehicles with 461 VP, maximum for a vehicle when the vehicle is fully upgraded, all tuning parts are unlocked and maxed.


See Vehicle Paints List for pictures and more information.

The Motocross comes with 12 different paints and 10 different wheels that can be obtained (VIP paint and wheel aren't included, but you can get it with VIP subscription). After purchasing, it has free orange, green-yellow, yellow-red, blue, red, and yellow paints and four variation wheels to start with.