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In Hill Climb Racing 2, your current Rank determines which Cups and Vehicles you have unlocked, as well as allows you to access particular features such as the Scrapper, Public Events, the ability to join or create Teams, and even the ability to join a specific Team. This helps other players determine how long you've been playing for, how fast you grow in Hill Climb Racing 2, and what you are capable of doing. The following table shows the ranks and unlockables:

Rank Unlocked Functionalities Unlocked Vehicles Unlocked Cups Unlocked Achievements
Bronze 1.png Bronze I Welcome to Hill Climb Racing! Explore the game and go have some fun! Hill Climber Hill Climb Cup, Big Air Cup (Default)

Dark Roads

Just getting started
Bronze2.png Bronze II Adventure Scooter Downhill Trials,

Cup In The Woods, First Snow

Can't go wrong with more bronze
Bronze3.png Bronze III Bus Beach Cup

Challenger Cup

Desert Cup

Price of bronze is up, sell sell!
Silver1.png Silver I Public Events

(Some Public Events can be played before reaching this rank)

Hill Climber Mk. 2


Countryside Cup Shiny!
Silver2.png Silver II Motocross Sunday Champ Making it look easy
Silver3.png Silver III Dune Buggy Winter Cup

Spring City

Gold1.png Gold I Scrapping


50,000 Coin Reward From Fingersoft!

Sports Car Dirty Rally

I Hate Water

Magnetic Circuit

Time to get a golden tooth
Gold2.png Gold II Monster Truck


Miner's Mile

Forest Cup

Green Cup

Interstate Cup

Deep Driving

Or maybe a golden car?
Gold3.png Gold III Super Diesel


Capital Cup A castle made of gold!
Platinum1.png Platinum I Tank

Lowrider Snowmobile

Uphill Cup

Alligator Cup

Boggy Road

Rocky Road Cup

Mountain Bridges

Hub Cap Cup

Travel Cup

Cup of City Water

I expect great things here
Platinum2.png Platinum II Monowheel Mineshaft Cup

Sand in Swimsuit

Bumpy Ride Cup

Finger Travels

Platinum times 2 equals progress!
Platinum3.png Platinum III Rally Car Backwater Cup

It's Mine!

Desert Mile

Epic Hills

Finger GP

My platinum is better than yours
Diamond1.png Diamond I Formula Downhill Cup

Bill's Circuit

Winter is Coming

Gloomvale Cup

Things are looking up!
Diamond2.png Diamond II Racing Truck

Hot Rod

Deep Diving

Death Mountain

Paradise Bay

Stormrider Cup

More Mines

Where can I cash in all those diamonds?
Diamond3.png Diamond III CC-EV


Tunnels, Glacier Cup, Forgotten Highway, Frostfire Caverns

Diamond shows I care
Legendary League.png Legendary Seasons Supercar Seasonal Cups I am legend

Upon hitting Legendary, you transition into the seasonal progression system. Progression is then made by winning ranked cups, which will award you with rank points. After a pre-set number of rank points are achieved, you will move up to the next Legendary ranking.

Placing first or second within a cup will advance your rank points (with more advancement for 1st place), potentially increasing your ranks, but placing third or fourth will decrease your rank points (with more devancment for 4th place), potentially dropping you down ranks.

Progression between rank types (i.e, between Bronze III to Silver I, 9000 to 10000) must be achieved by winning a boss battle. Boss battles are one on one races against powerful AI controlled opponents known as MACKIE, CHAMP, BLING, FRANK, or NIKITA, specifically placed in that order. You must defeat them. They can quite often be very tough and losing to them will drop you down in ranking points significantly. Defeating them will allow you to progress to the next rank. If you do not defeat them, you will then need to win at least 3 cups to raise your rank points enough to challenge them again.


Tasks are also another way of progressing rank in Hill Climb Racing 2. For every task completed, you will get 100 points added to your total rank, which will allow you to unlock prizes, vehicles, cups, and higher ranks much faster than just racing cups all day. More information about tasks here.

Game Cost[]

The total cost of the whole game unlocked can be found here.

HCR2 Calculator[]

To see the percentage of coins spent on vehicle upgrades with respect to the total of maxing everything out, please save a copy of the HCR2 Calculator Template to your Google Drive account. Then read the instructions on the front sheet and carefully fill in the table with the appropriate data. Here's a sample of the HCR2 Calculator:

HCR2 Calculator