Hill Climb Racing 2 Wiki

Racing permits are small snippets of lore, backstory and in jokes about the inhabitants of Climb Canyon. These are often released in tandem with new characters to give their appearance a bit of context.

Character Picture Notes
Bill Newton
Racing permit bill newton.jpg
The main protagonist of the Hill Climb Racing video game series. He doesn't say much...
  • Name: Bill Newton
  • D.O.B: October 18th
  • Residence: Climb Canyon
  • Likes: Racing
  • Dislikes: Everything Else
Racing permit Frank.jpg
Seems there was a breakout at the Laboratory.
  • Name: Frank
  • D.O.B: Halloween
  • Residence: The Laboratory
  • Components: - 40% Scrap - 37% Titanium - 13% Motor Oil - 9% Spinach - 1% Love
Racing permit nikita.jpg
A mysterious figure with a futuristic Superbike and a need for speed.
  • Name: Nikita
  • D.O.B: 20xx
  • Job: Time Traveler
  • Likes: Neon
  • Dislikes: Going Slow
Racing permit rudolph.jpg
Rudolph is totally not just Bill in a costume.
  • Name: Rudolph
  • D.O.B: October 18th (Surely a coincidence...)
  • Job: Guiding Santa's Sleigh
  • Likes: Christmas
Snow Queen
Racing permit snow queen.jpg
The Snow Queen has decided to grace us with her royal presence.
  • Name: Snow Queen
  • D.O.B: Unknown
  • Job: Royalty
  • Likes: Winter, Snow, Letting it go
  • Dislikes: Summer
Racing permit champ.jpg
Team Fingersoft may have lost the first Share The Pain Cup - But we are bringing in reinforcements to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  • Name: Champ
  • Team: Fingersoft
  • Position: Ringer
  • Notes: Climb Canyon's finest racer should give us the edge we need not to lose again. But who is he really?...
Seems the Climb Canyon sheriff's department has issued a warrant for the infamous gunslinger known as "The Cowboy". Wanted: Dead or Alive.
  • Name: Wayne
  • Alias: The Cowboy
  • Notes: This rootin'-tootin' sunova gun is known by some as Wayne, but most know him simply as "The Cowboy". Last seen in public callin' folks who refused to race him "Yellow Bellied Cowpokes".
Mackie is on the scene - And she came to win!
  • Name: Mackie
  • Date of Birth: 6th of April
  • Job: Aspiring Athlete
  • Likes: Sports, Competition, Winning
  • Dislikes: Losing
The Duke
A new racing permit had been approved by the Top Off Gas Station. Stand aside commoners - The Duke has arrived!
  • Name: The Duke
  • Date of Birth: 1st of July
  • Job: Self-Appointed Noble
  • Likes: Gold, Wealth, Eating Cake, Himself
  • Dislikes: The Snow Queen
Jack's Poem. Beware the Headless Racer, he drives the road at night. Forever searching for his head, he's such an eerie sight. For those lost souls who race him, know that he can't be beat. If you wish to know his name you must ask "Trick of Treat"?
  • Name: Jack
A new Racing Permit has been issued in Climb Canyon. The coolest rat in all of Sky Rock has arrived to teach the denizens of the Canyon the true meaning of style. Meet Shoe!
  • Name: Shoe
  • Date of Birth: 25th of January
  • Residence: Sky Rock
  • Likes: Rock n' roll, New Shoes, Fashion, Motorbikes
  • Dislikes: Horses, Throwing Stuff Away, Unfashionable People
Recently declassified information has ended up in the Top-Off Gas Station. Seems like the M.I.T.C.H Prototype unit has become self-aware and applied for a racing permit...
  • Unit: M.I.T.C.H. - Mechanised Intelligence Technology (for) Climbing Hills
  • Lead Designer: Bill Newton
  • Inception Date: 29th August
  • Dimentions: ?
  • Weight: ?
  • Primary Directive: Drive Fast
  • Secondary Directive: Drive Really Fast
  • Operation Modes: Hill Climb, Cup, ?, Wheelie, ?, ?, Adventure, Team Events
  • Notes: Unit seems unable to open pod bay doors when instructed. Probably not an issue.
Dakota Racing Permit.jpg
A new HCR2 Racing Permit has been approved by the Top Off gas station. Meet Dakota James! Adventurer. Archaeologist. Animal Lover. Racer. Coming soon!
  • Name: Dakota James
  • Date Of Birth: 1st of June
  • Job: Archeologist
  • Likes: History, Adventure, Her pet snake
  • Dislikes: Grave Robbers, Paperwork, Giant Boulders
Racing Permit Violet.png
A new racing permit has been issued by the Top Off gas station. Will Violet really be able to take over Climb Canyon? Will anyone rise to stop her?...
  • Name: Dr. Iris Velocity a.k.a. Violet
  • Date Of Birth: 11th of July
  • Job: Supervillian & Former Professor
  • Likes: World Domination, Evil Laughs, Her Inventions
  • Dislikes: Heroes, Meddling Kids, The Power of Friendship
Racing Permit Helmut.png
A new Racing Permit has been issued by the Top Off Gas Station! Who is the mysterious Knight and what lies beneath the armour?...
  • Name: Helmut
  • Date Of Birth: Unknown
  • Job: Knight
  • Likes: Chivalry, Jousting, Their Helmet Collection
  • Dislikes: Dishonourable People, Losing, Fingerprints on Their Helmet
Racing Permit Gullermo.png
VILLIANS BEWARE! The Incredible Guillermo has appeared in Climb Canyon to put an end to your schemes! This very real and totally high effort Superhero will be landing in Hill Climb Racing 2 soon...
  • Name: Guillermo (The Incredible)
  • Date Of Birth: Unknown
  • Job: Amateur Wrestler & Part-Time Superhero
  • Likes: Justice, Defending the weak, Ceviche
  • Dislikes: Injustice, Evil, Violet, Getting his cape stuck in the car door
Racing permit ram.jpg
Climb Canyon archaeologists have uncovered this ancient tablet deep within the great Spooktober Pyramid. What could it mean?...
  • Name: Ram
  • Date Of Birth: 2500BC
  • Job: Lord of all he surveys, Ruler of the living and the dead, Amateur gardener
  • Likes: Pyramids, Dark Magic, Eternal Life, Shrubberies
  • Dislikes: Cats, Scarabs, Intrepid adventurers, Sand (It gets everywhere...)
Doc. Shocks
Racing permit doc shocks.jpg
A new racing permit has been issued by the Top-Off Gas station. Doc. Shock's is coming to Hill Climb Racing 2 soon...
  • Name: Doctor Salazar Shocks - A.K.A Doc. Shocks
  • Date Of Birth: 10th of July
  • Job: Scientist, Researcher, Theoretical Engine Development
  • Likes: Reading, Inventing, Experimenting, The perfect cup of tea
  • Dislikes: Failure, Ethics, Closed Mindedness, Improperly prepared tea
Ranger Powers
Racing permit ranger powers.jpg
A new racing permit has been issued by the Top Off gas station. Ranger Powers is on the scene!
  • Name: Ranger Powers
  • Date Of Birth: 28th of August
  • Job: Park Ranger
  • Likes: Nature, Animals, Trail riding, Japanese superhero series
  • Dislikes: Littering, Camping without a permit, Picnic basket thieves
Ivar Icegrille
Racing permit ivar icegrille.jpg

There once was a boisterous Viking

Adored the fighting and striking

But when coming home

From a pillaging roam

Driving was more to his liking

lvar Icegrille, first of his name

Will bathe himself in racing fame

His engine is hot

Fuelled up a lot

The Canyon is not easily tame

Victor Nitrox
Racing permit victor nitrox.jpg
A new Racing Permit has been approved by the Top Off gas station. Victor Nitrox has come up for air!
  • Name: Victor Nitrox
  • Date Of Birth: 8th of March
  • Job: CEO Rustbucket Deep Sea Salvage Co.
  • Likes: Driving, Salvaging, Weightlifting, Sci-fi Novels, Fighting Games
  • Dislikes: Giant sharks, Unknowable Eldritch abominations, People who dislike water levels in video games
Deez Knacker
Driftmas is here
  • Name: Deez Knackers
  • Type: Part of a collectable Christmas toy set
  • Features: Nut-Busting abilities including "Neck Flip, Shell-Shock".
  • How to obtain: Ask your mum for Deez!
Fast. Ferocious. Fluffy. Mittens the Water-Tiger will be joining Hill Climb Racing 2 soon...
  • Name: Mittens
  • Date Of Birth: 4th of February
  • Job: "Water4cats" Party Campaigner
  • Likes: Swimming, yellow Lilies, Water-Skipping event, Debates, Pigsy
  • Dislikes: Going back on there word, Planning too far in advance, Desert Valley, More than exactly 3 belly rubs (except on Tuesdays when it must be 2 but only after 3:42 pm)
Was it the sound of thunder? A distant chopper engine? Or just the wind?

A new racing permit has been issued for Climb Canyon. Zephyr is coming - Hold onto your skulls...

  • Name: Zephyr Thunder-Skull
  • Date Of Birth: 12th of April
  • Job: Post-Apocalyptic Warlord / DIY skull-throne influencer
  • Likes: Skull Collecting, Lombaxes, Skull Home Deco, Neo Marines, Skull-Throne crafting
  • Dislikes: Non-Westerly Winds, Orderly Society, Mediocrity.