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Bronze II

Scooter is one of the vehicles available in the game Hill Climb Racing 2.


The scooter is mostly used by beginners, but it can be very efficient on some tracks with the right tuning parts (Landing Boost, Jump Shocks, Thrusters, and Fuel Boost work well.) The Scooter serves as an upgrade over the Hill Climber with superior mobility and the ability to perform stunts better. It is unstable around hills and rough terrain. Despite it being the 3rd slowest vehicle with a top speed at 72.17km/h (48.43mph or 20.04mps), Scooter has a decent sized fuel tank (50 seconds).

Scooter's acceleration is insane, with the ability to fly off objects like logs and stuff with ease. Even though the vehicle's balance is poor, the vehicle can climb hills well when you combine Winter Tires and Landing Boost together. Scooter's Heavyweight is also the only one that doesn't allow the vehicle to break objects easier, it only makes the vehicle more balanced. It's also unfortunate that Fume Boost doesn't work at all on Scooter, even after upgrading it to max. Level. Start Boost also doesn't Boost the vehicle forward in races, but it balances the vehicle at start.

With multiple jumps and stunts, your character may jump out of the seat and will be held with their own hands, increasing weight over the rear by a small amount. It could make it easier or harder to climb steep hills.

Before the 1.47.1 update, the Scooter was the only and most fragile vehicle in the game. Nothing can be detached or broke off the vehicle (unless you equip Rollcage). What this means is that when you activated your Jump Shocks on the edge of an object (including terrain), the vehicle would separate from itself and it would either just fold most likely resulting in a driver down, or the segments of the scooter and your driver would start spinning and flying all over the place, administering dozens of flips, and eventually you and your scooter would "teleport" 10s of kilometers away from the finish line or result in times as fast as 5 seconds, if you didn't driver down. Some players even got below 5 seconds, resulting in their records being deleted. This glitch was even used on Beach to get 60km+ distances. On time trial maps, the Scooter was slowly covering old world records and claiming new "world records" for this glitch, which might seem unfair. It also was a good way to earn money if you were able to maintain the flipping. Since (thankfully) Fingersoft has removed the glitch after 7 months, legit players will not be able to take advantage of it anymore. All the Scooter Glitch records that were made before are still on the leaderboards, even the beach ones, but those are only under the "Scooter" category. This is not a "hack," but it was not a legit way to play the game and it annoyed a lot of players. Be very careful with Scooter.

Scooter is one of 4 vehicles with 461 G.P., maximum for a vehicle.


See Vehicle Paints List for pictures and more information.

The Scooter comes with 11 different paints and 11 different wheels that can be obtained (VIP paint and wheel aren't included, but you can get it with VIP subscription). After purchasing, it has free green, red, blue, and yellow-white paints and four variation wheels to start with.