Hill Climb Racing 2 Wiki

Scrapping is unlocked when you reach the rank of Gold I. You can make scrap out of extra tuning parts that you don’t want or need. Scrap then can be crafted into other tuning parts of your choosing and can be used to level up any tuning part that you already have. Upgrading the chosen tuning part will cost separate money. Scraps can't be used in car level upgrades. Your total scrap is indicated by the gear icon alongside your gems and coins, but in the garage only.

How to scrap a part


  1. In the garage, click the spanner button at the top of the screen and then tap the scrap button at the top.
  2. You will see a list of all the tuning parts that you currently have. Scroll until you find the parts that you do not want or need and tap on them. This will highlight the part.
  3. Once you have highlighted the tuning part you wish to scrap, use the green slider to choose the exact amount of those tuning parts you wish to scrap.
  4. When you are satisfied with this, tap the scrap button.
  5. Your parts will be placed inside the scrapper. The scrapper will give you a countdown displaying how long you must wait before the scrapping process is complete. Scrapping a part takes a different amount of time depending on the rarity of the part; the rarer the part, the longer the wait.
  6. There is a maximum of 200 parts that can be scrapped at a time, but you do not need to fill the scrapper all the way before beginning.
  7. With the "Only Excess" button at the bottom of the screen (which is displayed only if you have excess parts), you can decide if you want to scrap just the excess parts that are more than you actually need to upgrade a tuning part to the maximum or if you want to scrap parts that you would need for upgrading it to the maximum.
  8. When scrapping is complete, there will be a button on the scrapper that will allow you to collect your scrap.
  9. You can then spend your accumulated scrap on additional tuning parts inside the vehicle tuning parts tab of a vehicle.

The total time you have to wait to gain the scrap can be skipped by spending gems (the amount of needed gems depends on the amount of parts in the scrapper), skipped by watching an ad or skipping the ad with the VIP Subscription. You are able to use the skip wait time method twice a day.

More information about scrapping can be found in the game by tapping on the info button (Info button.png) in the same menu.

Depending on the rarity of the part, it will grant a number of scrap and take more or less time. See the following table.

1 Part of rarity Will produce in this time
Common 1 Scrap 30s
Rare 5 Scrap 2min 30s
Epic 40 Scrap 20min
Legendary 400 Scrap 3h 20min

The maximum of obtainable scrap from a specific rarity with the maximum amount of parts is listed below.

200 Parts of rarity will produce in this time
Common 200 Scrap 1h 40min
Rare 1000 Scrap 8h 20min
Epic 8000 Scrap 2d 18h 20min
Legendary 80000 Scrap 27d 15h 20min

Note that scrap can also be obtained from Team/Public Events rewards.