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Mini Tank.png
Platinum I

Tank is one of the vehicles available in the game Hill Climb Racing 2.


The Tank is a good heavyweight vehicle, which makes it useful for destroying breakable objects. When combined with heavyweight parts that are well upgraded, it is capable of instantly plowing through destroyable obstacles.

Although the Tank is not particularly fast, it is quite stable and the tracks gives it good grip, especially around uneven terrain. Its fuel tank is also big, being useful for Adventure maps.

Using the air control part may give the Tank better response time, as it cannot lean forward or backward very fast, being essential to correct mistakes mid-air and land properly. Roll cages can be useful too, as the character sits at the top of the tank turret, being susceptible to hit a ceiling. The cannon can stop the Tank crashing into a wall head-on, but it may get broken.


See Vehicle Paints List for pictures and more information.

The Tank comes with 7 different paints that can be obtained (VIP paint isn't included, but you can get it with VIP subscription). After purchasing, it has free green, blue, and red paints to start with. It should be noted that chains’ style and color cannot be changed; it will remain stock, whatever the paint you will select.