Hill Climb Racing 2 Wiki
Silver I

Tractor is one of the vehicles available in the game Hill Climb Racing 2.


The Tractor is a heavy vehicle that has decent acceleration, but a top speed of only 73.60km/h (45.73mph or 20.44m/s). However, it is also very stable and has a large fuel tank. This makes it a better choice on maps with generally flat terrain, though it is also one of the best vehicles at climbing very steep hills with the right Tuning Parts. The suspension is also decent, but good for maneuvering bumper areas.

The Tractor comes with a functional front loader excavator that can be used by pressing both pedals (both sides of the device screen) at once, leaving it firm to the front, upwards or loose. This requires some strategy, as the loader can affect the Tractor's balance. Typically, the excavator can get stuck in logs in maps like Forest when it is loose, so be very careful. The loader bucket's damage can be upgraded, making the tractor an ideal vehicle for maps that have lots of destructible obstacles, like Backwater Bog, Racer Glacier and Patchwork Plant. The Tractor is an okay vehicle for racing, because it is quite slow on flat maps. But otherwise, the vehicle has a powerful, but not immediate acceleration. Using Overcharged Turbo is amazing with Tractor because it has the most powerful boost out of all vehicles. Contrary to that, the Tractor is the only vehicle that has a level 1 engine with 0 boost, making Tractor the slowest unupgraded vehicle (about 10.13km/h, 6.54mph, or 3.8m/s) where Overcharged Turbo is disabled and can't be used. Overcharged Turbo also takes longer on Tractor to charge, so don't let go for no reason.

Your character sits at the rear side of the Tractor, so try not to land on the rear wheel as much. It also makes excessive wheelies a dangerous maneuver. It is best to have the roll cage part installed to help avoid this problem for when you need to use it in a Team Event. Tractor is a bad vehicle to do wheelies with unless you are going uphill, like in the Mountain, where hills are too big to climb with Tractor without a power boost.


See Vehicle Paints List for pictures and more information.

The Tractor comes with 10 different paints that can be obtained (VIP paint isn't included, but you can get it with VIP subscription). After purchasing, it has free blue-red paint to start with. It should be noted that the wheels cannot be changed and are pre-determined by the selected paint.