Hill Climb Racing 2 Wiki

The following table shows all official Update Patch Notes of Hill Climb Racing 2. These are taken directly from the official Fingersoft website for the versions 1.25.0 and later.

Note: Minor updates (aka 1.XX.X) are included in the table only if their Patch Notes differ from those of their respective major update (aka 1.XX.0).

Version Update Patch Notes Date of release
  • Keep it cool. Keep it low. Can you master the custom hydraulic systems in this pimpin’ new ride?
  • New adventure map: Overspill Fun Rig–Experience mandatory merriment in a completely safe and in no-way dangerous new environment that is similar to, but legally distinct from, a repurposed oil rig. Experience mandatory merriment in a completely safe and in no-way dangerous new environment that is similar to, but legally distinct from, a repurposed oil rig.
  • New vehicle & Player skins
  • Splash screen festivity buff
  • Fixed bug which caused music to play despite being muted
  • Localisation improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Driver Animations – Flex on your opponents in style, or just add some dramatic flair to your license, with these 24 new animations. Can you collect them all?
  • New Cup: Embark on Entertainment
  • Increased team event ticket starting amount to the maximum allowed per event
  • Auto-Matchmaking beta (ongoing)
  • Improved anti-hacking measures
  • Localization & UI improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Driftmas is here! - Seasonal music, splash screen, menus and events have come to Climb Canyon!
  • New level theme: Overspil Fun Rig
  • New cup: Delightful Diversions
  • Added achievements for adventurer ranks
  • Added the ability to see your own team ghosts or disable ghosts in team matches
  • New event types
  • New Driftmas player looks: D. Knacker & his Driftmas Rally
  • Various bug fixes
  • New vehicle: CC-EV: Zero Emissions. Zero Saftey. Take charge (heh…) of this highly experimental electrical vehicle and master its 3 tiered boost system if you can…
  • Team seasons Hall of Fame: Browse the best of the best, and see the top 3 CC teams for previous seasons.
  • Updated driver’s license graphics: Now includes your whole player character and animations!
  • Global buff to spookiness levels: Includes Halloween theme, Music, Skins, Public & Team events. CHILLING!
  • New cup: Mystical Cup (Featuring 4 new magical tracks in Gloomvale).
  • New driver skin: Gilbert.
  • New vehicle paint: Halloween Rotator.
  • Improved loading times.
  • Ultra-wide support (Android Only).
  • Minimum required iOS version increased from 9 to 10.
  • Fixed Scooter and Tank physics glitches (No more hilarious exploding scooters or getting stuck in the tank, sorry).
  • Various bug fixes.
  • New driver skin M.I.L.E.S. and his sports car
  • Added option to earn double points in public event sessions by watching a video
  • Added one extra daily task reroll per day by watching a video
  • Various crash fixes
  • Localisation & UI improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • New Adventure Map: Gloomvale - Don't get lost in this ever-changing forest! With logs, mushrooms, and more, it's a very beautiful place to be.
  • New Driver Looks: Ivar Icegrille
  • New Super Diesel and Superbike Paints
  • Removed Neckflip Daily Tasks (Be nice or we'll add them back)
  • Hard maps removed from daily tasks except distance
  • Many Daily Tasks tweaks
  • Improved hacker detection
  • Bug Fixes
  • The Climb Canyon League! Start your engines and rally your racing team! The next generation of Hill Climb Racing 2 matchmaking starts now, with this all-new matchmaking and ranking system.
  • New Climb Canyon region discovered: Gloomvale. A spooky forest region where ancient secrets lurk and the trees glow with the eerie light of bioluminescent mushrooms. (With a dedicated adventure map coming soon!)
  • New Cup: Gloomvale Cup
  • Daily task tweaks (With more extensive changes to come in the future)
  • Improved anti-hacking measures
  • Performance and optimization improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Daily Tasks: Complete all-new daily tasks for bonus rewards and additional progress on the trophy road!
  • Season bonus chest: Increase the level of your seasonal bonus chest after completing the trophy road to earn sweet rewards at the end of the season.
  • New vehicle paint: Kobra Supercar
  • Formatting and localisation fixes for various languages
  • Ads performance improvements and fixes
  • Various bug fixes
  • New vehicle paint: The Quasar Rotator
  • Downgradeble tuning parts
  • Tuning part daily deals now shown in tuning part menu
  • Various bug Fixes
  • Driftmas is here! Experience a seasonal makeover of the menus, trophy road and more.
  • New cup: Desert Caves
  • New driver looks: CLAWS – CLAWS Has awoken from his underground slumber and he is sick to death of the sounds of squealing tires and revving engines! He is out for revenge and to ruin Driftmas!
  • New vehicle paint: CLAWS’s Rotator – CLAWS has stolen a sleigh and made a few “Modifications” to it…
  • Added the ability to change sound-fx and music volume levels separately
  • Fixed “I need more cups!” achievement not unlocking
  • Added seasonal event types
  • Strengthened hacker proofing
  • Various Bug fixes
  • New vehicle: The Rotator – Up, down? Forward, backward? It’s all relative when you master this transforming vehicle! (Sick bag not included)
  • New driver looks: Ram – The ancient curses were spoken and something eternal and vengeful has awoken…. TO RACE!
  • New vehicle paint: Ram’s Hotrod – Race like a true pharaoh; In excessive, unnecessary opulence!
  • Post-race podiums let you show off your driver looks & flex in style
  • Updated racing-related UI graphics
  • Teams mode now has local leaderboards filtering
  • Underwater tube entrance and exit colliders tweaked
  • Various bug fixes
  • Vehicle hats! Reaching the max upgrade level on a vehicle will now earn you a sweet hat!
  • New driver looks: The Playwright
  • New vehicle paint: The Playwright’s Monowheel
  • New 1km cup: Forgotten Highway
  • All seasonal cups are now playable all the time! Go perfect those time-trial runs!
  • Added Apple ID sign-in option
  • Countryside adventure level graphics improved
  • Increased Trophy Road spookiness factor significantly
  • Buffed upcoming public event fright levels
  • Various bug fixes
  • New player looks:
    • Helmut: The mysterious and chivalrous Knight
    • The Incredible Guillermo! A hero of justice
    • Violet: The evil supervillain hellbent on Climb Canyon domination
    • “Moped” Johnny. He likes Mopeds.
  • New vehicle skins:
    • Helmut’s mighty “Steel Stallion” Chopper
    • Guillermo’s “Super-Justice” MK. II
    • Violet’s “Nightblade” Superbike
    • Johnny’s Scooter
  • Fixed numerous connection/offline issues
  • Fixed the infamous “driver dying through vehicle on a hard crash” bug
  • Buffed Hotrod performance – Faster. Stronger. Better.
  • Tweaks to overall wheel friction physics
  • Fix for stalagmites being visually different from their actual collider in Racer Glacier
  • Returned Adventure refill timer, skip task and non-vehicle specific task
  • Tweaked wings tuning part velocity trigger
  • Additional graphics and effects improvements
  • Improved anti-cheat and exploit protection
  • Various bug fixes
  • Adventure mode rework
    • Explore the all-new adventure mode
    • Rise through different adventure ranks
    • Unlock sweet exclusive rewards
    • Hats. Lots of hats!
    • Put your skills to the test in super hard variants of classic adventure maps
    • Ticket currency setup reworked
  • New Hard adventure maps: Forest Trials, Intense City, Raging Winter (These require tickets)
  • New cup: Frostfire Cavern
  • New uniforms assigned to Climb Canyon Police Department (Graphical update to old Police skins)
  • Added ability to swipe up and down through the looks menu
  • New driver looks and vehicle skins
  • Improved hacker proofing
  • Ongoing localisation improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • New adventure map: Patchwork Plant – Become your occupational health and safety officers worst nightmare as you race through gears, conveyors and robots deep within the Patchwork Plant! The rollcage counts as a hardhat, right?
  • New cup: Magnetic Circuit
  • Looks UI rework (The looks screen is better organized)
  • New driver looks: Enjin-Sama the 100% real and genuine Samurai, who totally isn’t some weird Otaku
  • New tank paint job: “Battle Damage”
  • New Hotrod paint jobs: “Survivor” & “Modern”
  • Added ability to get 2x coins in playing Adventure maps in various scenarios
  • Improved hacker proofing
  • You will no longer be given Moonlander adventure tasks if you do not yet own the Moonlander
  • Localisation improvements
  • Fixed Daily Deals repeating on the next reset mark (Same deals the next day)
  • Various bug fixes
  • New vehicle: Hot Rod – Sit down. Strap in. Hold on. Bill’s newest creation is packing a monster supercharged engine that is seriously unstable! Master its risk/reward mechanics to set new records in style – Just don’t push it too hard, or you may find out how explosive nitrous oxide can be!
  • New cup: Marshland Cup
  • New driver looks: Gaz’Khan the junkyard shaman
  • New driver looks: 8-Bit Bill
  • New Legendary vehicle paint: 8-Bit Hill Climber – Go retro with a pixel art look!
  • New event mode: Pitstop
  • Various bug fixes
  • New level theme: Patch-Work Plant – Become your occupational health and safety officers worst nightmare as you race through gears, conveyors and robots deep within the Patch-Work Plant! The rollcage counts as a hardhat, right?
  • New cups: Mountain Cup and Factory Cup
  • New driver looks: Dakota the adventurer
  • New driver looks: M.I.T.C.H the racing robot
  • New vehicle paint for both the Super Diesel and Rally Car
  • Scrapper usability improvements – Finally scrap all of your excess parts with the touch of a button!
  • Chat usability improvements & Assorted language fixes
  • Improved hacker detection
  • Buffed banhammer significantly
  • Increased team chest contribution limit from 1k to 2.5k
  • Various bug fixes
  • Friendly Daily Races are back!
  • The Lunar Lug-Nut Festival is here - Celebrate with special team & public events!
  • New driver looks: Shoe the rat.
  • New vehicle paint: Shoe’s pimped out Supercar
  • Various bug fixes
  • It’s Driftmas Time! The holiday spirit has come to Climb Canyon & you will notice a wintery overhaul of the menu, graphics and more.
  • Special “Driftmas” themed public & team events over the holidays.
  • Trophy Road - An all-new form of progression! Trophy Road displays your progress through the rankings and seasons visually, as well as contains all-new rewards and goals to strive for!
  • Events tab has been revamped with all new features and graphics.
  • New cup: Capital Cup
  • New vehicle skin: Hill Climber Mk 2 gets a seasonal overhaul. We heard you liked Christmas lights…
  • Tank top hatch greased - Players should no longer get stuck inside the Tank.
  • There are some new Bosses in town, and they came to win...
  • All new event modes
  • In-Game font improved
  • Fixed replays not loading on leaderboards
  • Various bug fixes
  • New adventure: Sky Rock Outpost – Spend the all-new currency (Tickets to the Moon) for a chance to blast off into outer space and explore the low gravity terrain of the giant Sky Rock. How does a combustion engine work in space? SCIENCE™!
  • New Dunebuggy skin: Moon Buggy – Bill has made some adaptations to his trusty Dune buggy to make it more suitable for tackling the challenges of Sky Rock Outpost.
  • New Superbike skin: Justice Bringer – Ever wanted to become the law, but without years of legal school? We gotchu.
  • Added new currency (Tickets to the Moon) – Earn them in various ways throughout the game in order to challenge the moon adventure. Make every run count!
  • All-new event types.
  • Anti-cheat improvements.
  • Fixed rare glitch where rally car with a detached hood could occasionally lose air control. Probably.
  • Improvements to “Next fuel” indicators and other floating UI elements.
  • Changes and improvements to camera angle and behaviour.
  • Nerfed overall Spookyness by 75%
  • Server performance improvements.
  • Various additional bug fixes.
  • Spooktacular Halloween Splash Screen, Music & Menus
  • Ghoulish new gameplay with special Halloween themed public & team events
  • Trick or treat your way through multiple new event tracks
  • Pumpkinlicious new skins; Jack & His Racing Truck
  • Various spine-chilling bug fixes
  • New cup: Deep Diving
  • New looks: Sci-fi Rally Car
  • Various bug fixes
  • New Adventure map: Racer Glacier – Brave the winds, avoid the geysers, keep out of the lava and watch out for dinosaurs as you uncover the mystery behind the ancient Racer Glacier!
  • New cup: Miner's Mile
  • New driver looks: The Duke
  • New car paint: The Duke’s Super Car
  • New tuning part: Afterburner – An all-new tuning part that will change how you play! A high powered boost of reckless speed that once switched on, cannot be switched off! Can you master it’s high stakes risk/reward mechanics? Will you trade your fuel for ludicrous speed?
  • Garage Power system – A new system of measuring player progress. Now all your vehicles and upgrades contribute towards your “Garage Power” to give you a much better idea of your overall player level. Garage Power can also be used as optional team criteria.
  • New event types
  • New and improved shop interface
  • Team race retry with special tickets
  • Adventure levels now have high score marker flags for your friends
  • Lootbox odds added
  • Improved hacker detection & various anti-cheating fixes
  • Various bug fixes
  • Fancy new animated startup splash screen.
  • New vehicle: Racing Truck – Big, Heavy and Fast with thousands of horsepower. Can you master it’s new air drag & downforce mechanics to beat your high scores?
  • New driver looks: Mackie.
  • New world theme: The Racer Glacier - Fight the powerful winds and avoid the boiling lava as you drive the most unknown territory that could ever exist! (With a new adventure map coming soon!).
  • New cups: Stormrider Cup, Glacier Cup.
  • Improved nickname, team name and chat profanity filtering.
  • Added all new buoyancy, wind, drag & lift physics.
  • Added weather effects.
  • Ability to set team join criteria (rank, vehicle count e.t.c).
  • Various tweaks and improvements to team management options.
  • You can no longer participate in a team event if an event was ongoing when you joined the team (“Mercenary” & infinite retries exploit fix).
  • Double public event reward points for VIP (Awarded after returning to the garage).
  • Added ability to watch a video ad to enter public and team events.
  • Option to get a notification 30mins before a team match ends.
  • New event modes.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • New cup: Downhill Trials
  • New player looks: Cowboy
  • Advanced team search features
  • Various bug fixes
  • Teams: A whole new team-based racing experience awaits. Create and join Racing teams with your friends, and then team up to battle opposing teams in all new, weekly team events.
  • New looks: Champ and Race Buggy
  • New seasons cup: Deep Driving
  • Various bug fixes
  • Minor fixes
  • Supercar rollcage fix
  • Monowheel underwater cave fix
  • New looks: Dave and the Sunken Ship
  • New adventure: Rustbucket Reef - Take a trip underwater with its own oxygen tanks! Try not to get eaten!
  • New cup: I Hate Water
  • Tuning part presets
  • Various bug fixes
  • New looks: Quarterback, Pigsy and Dragon Formula
  • New seasons cup: Travel Cup
  • Vehicle specific adventure coin bags
  • Various bug fixes
  • New season cup: Boggy Road
  • Seasons Greetings! Christmas has come to Climb Canyon - Celebrate with a cheerful new menu & special festive events
  • New looks: Get in the festive mood with Rudolph & jump into your Supercar to deliver your tree in time for Santa!
  • Records for all vehicles now shown in adventure mode
  • Fixed an issue with refreshing friendly daily & weekly races
  • Personal bests done in friendly races handled properly
  • Buffed Christmas cheer
  • Various bug fixes
  • New vehicle: Superbike - Can you handle the roaring speed and acceleration of this very dangerous 2-wheeler? Be careful with its downforce as you could crash easily!
  • New looks: Nikita and Verne
  • Various bug fixes
  • Landing boost fix
  • Season leaderboard fix
  • New seasons cups: Mountain Bridges & Paradise Bay
  • New looks: Frank and his rally car
  • Halloween event
  • Various bug fixes
  • Football event crash fix
  • Fixed missing looks bug
  • Fixed random crashes during replays
  • New seasons cups: Rocky Road Cup & Alligator Cup
  • New driver looks: Hänsel und Gretel
  • Improved hacker protection
  • Watch replays from the leaderboards
  • Ability to report cheaters
  • Improved loading performance
  • Various bug fixes
  • New vehicle - Race to victory with this tuned up Tractor! Custom built by Bill Newton himself, for the ultimate agricultural racing experience
  • New adventure map - Conquer the muddy slopes, smash through the trash & dodge the alligators of the Backwater Bog
  • New cups - Backwater Cup & Cup of City Water
  • New Driver Looks
  • New Sports Car Looks
  • Obstacles within levels can now break - BILL SMASH!
  • New vehicle & tuning part property: Damage dealing
  • Heavyweight tuning part performance improved
  • New event types
  • Bug fixes
  • Cloud save issue fix
  • Bug fixes
  • New tuning part: Jump Shocks! Be a kangaroo as you take off into the air with a tap on both pedals!
  • New seasons cup
  • New character customizations
  • Bug fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • New seasons cup
  • EU privacy law requirements implemented
  • Added confirmation popup when using gems to skip scrap timer
  • Fixed missing race opponents bug
  • Stability fixes
  • Scrapyard: Scrap your unused tuning parts
  • Use scrap to craft tuning part upgrades
  • New vehicle: Chopper! Be the baddest person in town with the awesome 2-wheeled Chopper! Drive for hours in this baby!
  • New seasons cup
  • New looks
  • Daily deals in shop
  • Adventure tasks: level up collected chests by driving farther
  • All time leaderboard for adventure and time trial
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed issues with season leaderboards
  • Fixed issues with season points
  • Show correct gem amount in VIP chest
  • Content for the next season!
  • New vehicle: Supercar Lamborghini! Be fast and futuristic in the most powerful vehicle to exist!
  • Legendary Seasons: Collect season points, get season rewards, and play seasonal cups! Once every month!
  • Season leaderboards
  • New season cups
  • New looks
  • Faster garage reload after customizing driver or vehicle
  • Faster refuel when collecting a fuel canister
  • Share event results
  • VIP players now receive extra gifts in chests for free!
  • Fixed issues with video ads
  • Fixed issues with offline mode
  • New exciting events coming soon!
  • Two new Beach cups
  • Fixed physics issues with Dune Buggy and Snowmobile
  • New driver looks
  • Bug fixes
  • New adventure: Beach! Bill decided to take a trip and relax on the peaceful beach.
  • New driver looks
  • Limit Snowmobile acceleration on water
  • Bug fixes
  • Xmas update: New event levels, gamemode and vehicles
  • New vehicle: Snowmobile - Drive in the snow with care (Or water!) You can FLOAT!
  • New driver and vehicle looks
  • Bug fixes
  • Moon update! Stunts in Moon
  • New vehicle: Moonlander - Drive to space and fly away with this A.I. powered 6-wheeled lunar rover!
  • New legendary tuning part: Thrusters - Take off into the sky with these fuel-burning jetpacks! Most useful in space!
  • New Hill Climb event content
  • Coin magnet tuning part balancing
  • Bug fixes
  • Halloween update! Escape the zombies to gain spooky rewards!
  • New cup: Cup in the Woods
  • Improved performance in the looks menu
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed issues in some long jump levels
  • Fixed event scene background in ultrawide displays
  • Fixed Formula downforce giving lift while upside down (Yes, really!)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Events! Test your skills in exciting new game modes!
  • New vehicle: Rally Car - Be a crowned champion while driving the one of a kind rally racer!
  • Arabic language support
  • Randomize looks button - Try not to laugh!
  • Enabled tap to collect for chest rewards
  • Balance update: Fume boost no longer works in air.
  • Bug fixes
  • New vehicles: Bus and Dune Buggy! BUS: Take all your friends on a long road trip! Be careful as the bus will fall apart if you go too fast! DUNE BUGGY: Bill found this vehicle and decided to be a dune-driving mastermind.
  • New cups: Desert Cup and Interstate Cup
  • New adventure: Desert Valley - Drive for as long as you can go, but be careful for quicksand!
  • Improved looks customization menu
  • Faster startup time
  • Minor fixes and optimizations
  • New vehicle: Monowheel - The rare fuel-operated one wheeler can be a big risk for stunts and speed! Coffee cups help balance the driver!
  • New driver looks: Biker Girl, Geisha, Inuit
  • Fixed a crash when using Formula and Winter Tires
  • Tuning parts! Improve and customize your vehicle! Make sure to use good combinations! Unlock more slots by upgrading your vehicle.
  • Support for ultra-wide displays
  • New achievements
  • Chests now contain tuning parts
  • News feed for important reminders and messages!
  • Vehicle leaderboards
  • Monowheel challenges
  • Fixed super diesel ground collision issues
  • Fixed issues with Tank in City Adventure
  • Fixed issues with cloud sync
  • Tuned Formula sounds
  • Fixed fuel placements in Winter Adventure
  • Fixed video ad crashes
  • Visual improvements to Fingerstone GP
  • New vehicle: Formula - The beast of racing! Can you handle its severe speed and downforce on the flattest tracks without losing its spoilers?
  • New adventure: Mines - Explore the underground territories where gold and diamonds must always be.
  • New cup: Fingerstone GP
  • Fixed neckflip workings
  • Fixed invisible collisions with some vehicles
  • Fixed Platinum boss difficulty
  • Fixed negative adventure missions
  • Fixed gfx issues in City
  • Fixed crashes after watching a video
  • League Boss races - Can you tackle the best of the best?
  • Challenges - Have your friends take you on with unique vehicles and vehicle tunings!
  • Daily adventure tasks - Try to get far enough!
  • New vehicle: Tank - The Military found Climb Canyon and let Bill give the revolutionary Tank a spin.
  • New adventure track: Winter - It's always Cold and X-mas somewhere!
  • Two new cups
  • Refined previous mine/winter tracks
  • Lots of minor improvements
  • City UI performance improved
  • Remove a friend by clicking their name in the friends tab
  • Fixed physics issues in some mine tracks
  • Fixed missing Super Diesel paints
  • Fixed crash issues on Android 7
  • Distance bonus is now displayed in Adventure tracks
  • Google Play Games achievements
  • New vehicle: Super Diesel - The American Dream that is the true long haul.
  • 4 new cups: Winter Cup, It's Mine!, Tunnels, More Mines
  • Legendary leagues
  • New driver outfits
  • Fixed wheel friction issue in adventure mode
  • Fixed issues with long timers
  • Minor fixes
  • Fixed crash when equipping punk girl driver outfit
  • Optimized menu performance when player has lots of friends
  • New vehicle paints
  • Bug fixes
  • New vehicle: Monster Truck - The biggest of them all - can you handle its speed?
  • Xmas Cup: Beat Santa and win special goodies!
  • Fixed vehicle physics issues in adventure mode
  • Improved server connection handling
  • Google Play Games cloud save
  • New driver outfits
  • Bug fixes
  • Sports Car performance tuned
  • Show personal best in adventure
  • Fixed collisions with containers
  • Fixed issues with in-app purchases
  • Bug fixes
  • Multiple minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Sports Car performance tuned
  • Show personal best in adventure
  • Fixed collisions with containers
  • Fixed issues with in-app purchases
  • Bug fixes