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Germany & Indonesia

Hello! I'm administrator of Hill Climb Racing 2 English & Bahasa Indonesia Wiki, but I'm also watching & edit Other Languages of Hill Climb Racing 2 Wiki.

Feel Free to Contact Me on Discord if you need help!


Halo! Saya adalah administrator Wiki Hill Climb Racing 2 Bahasa Inggris & Bahasa Indonesia, namun saya juga memantau & meng-edit Wiki Hill Climb Racing 2 Bahasa Lain.

Jangan Ragu untuk Mengontak Saya di Discord jika kamu memerlukan bantuan!

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Hi! I'm Tots, one of the Community Managers here at Fandom. I'm here to talk with you about the upcoming changes we'll need to make on the wikis when the new UCX is released. We'll need to adapt your current content - mainly the design and implemented code - to ensure they're compatible and operational.

Specifically, the UCS will mainly affect the Frontpage, the design (logo, background, favicon, themes), the CSS/JS used, and some templates that will need to adapt their look to fit. It's still several weeks until the wiki will be migrated but I'm here to work alongside you to anticipate all the work regarding review, improvements, and adaptations to the new skin.

If it's alright with you I'll start reviewing the elements I mentioned and describing to you what work should be done. For the design, I can work with the future version and get it set up ahead of time so that once the wiki is migrated it's ready. Regarding the Frontpage, templates, and code, I can work and implement the changes now to have them properly working both in the present and future, but getting all the changes done in advance.

Let me know what you think about all of this and we can start working together on the upcoming changes.


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