Hill Climb Racing 2 Wiki

In the list below are all available vehicles of "Hill Climb Racing 2" with some details for them.

Vehicle Vehicle Design Required rank Cost Description
Hill Climber Icon-vehicle-jeep.png Bronze I Free once Installed the Game! Bill Newton's iconic red Hill Climber. It can handle anything!
Scooter Scooter.png Bronze II 5,000 Bill is so excited about this vehicle that he forgot to fasten his seat belt. Hang on!
Bus Bus.png Bronze III 7,000 Take your friends on a road trip! An ideal vehicle for long adventures, but has a habit of breaking down spectacularly.
Hill Climber Mk. 2 Superjeep.png Silver I 9,000 Superbly built chassis stuffed with a huge twin-turbo V8 gives you a great offroad experience.
Tractor Tractor.png Silver I 15,000 The king of agricultural equipment!
Motocross Motocross.png Silver II 20,000 Bill’s favourite 2-wheeler, also known as “The Apollo”. Always ready for a spin.
Dune Buggy Buggy.png Silver III 30,000 Bill loves long drives on the beach.
Sports Car Sportscar.png Gold I 80,000 Bill’s old favourite is one of the fastest rides on the planet!
Monster Truck Monster.png Gold II 40,000 The monster is BACK! And it’s bigger than ever!
Rotator Icon-vehicle-upsidedown.png Gold II 50,000 Flipped the vehicle? No problem!
Super Diesel Super Diesel.png Gold III 60,000 The American dream on wheels.
Chopper Chopper.png Gold III 60,000 Born to be… Bill?
Tank Mini Tank.png Platinum I 70,000 It’s a tank!
Snowmobile Snowmobile.png Platinum I 70,000 Plough your way through the snow…

and water!

Monowheel Monowheel.png Platinum II 30,000 “One wheel ought to be enough for anybody” - Bill Newton.
Rally Car Rally.png Platinum III 70,000 Rally drivers do it sideways.
Formula Formula.png Diamond I 90,000 Insanely fast ride for smoother tracks. Try to keep it in one piece!
Racing Truck Icon-vehicle-racing-truck.png Diamond II 90,000 You thought trucks were slow? Think again.
Hot Rod Hotrod.png Diamond II 90,000 Sit down. Strap in. Hold on.
CC-EV Cc-ev.png Diamond III 100,000 No emissions. No safety. Master the tiered boost system of this electric vehicle.
Superbike Icon-vehicle-street-bike.png Diamond III 100,000 The fastest bike on the streets!
Supercar Supercar.png Legendary 100,000 Fasten your seatbelt and go fast in style!
Moonlander Moonlander.png Moon Public Event Reward Free Explore Alien worlds with this shape-shifting six-wheeler.
Sled Sled.png In winter sliding public event Free Special Vehicle used for Christmas Events!
Doughnut Doughnut.png In winter sliding public event Free Special Vehicle used for Christmas Events!
Snowboard Snowboard.png In winter sliding public event Free Special Vehicle used for Christmas Events!

Note: You can also unlock vehicles by purchasing randomly appearing special offers or purchasing bundles from the shop. The special offers include only vehicles and cost real money.